Usin' Me

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Razor-N-Tape Reserve

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Always had a soft spot fer Nebraska me. An understated and, dare-I-say-it?, SEXY house producer who always delivers but never expects, I bet you can probably still book him for less than a grand even though he's tons better than half the new players expecting double that fee....

Razor-N-Tape enlist this special agent into their Reserves, who quickly gets busy at addressing the vacuum of high quality, soulful house music through carefully deployment of "Usin' Me" - a shimmering, high energy affair with tantalizing breakdowns and proper drops. Nebraska's grip on mainroom sound leaves others crying into their VST pool wondering where all their headroom went...

Lovebirds are first to offer up an interpretation; channeling a more cerebral and emotive route into the final destination and utilizing the famous Roland drum boxes alongside undulating synth lines and warm strings.

DJ Nature adds a suitably rich layer of percussion and bass; transforming the track into one of his trademark basement / backroom burners.

Finally, Scotland's The Revenge turn up the side chained compressors and make all the stems super slinky and hi-def; pushing the emotion and feeling to the front of the mix while deep plumes of bass keep the stadium locked down. 


A1. Original Mix
A2. Lovebirds Remix
B1. DJ Nature Remix
B2. The Revenge Remix

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