Dream Resonator / Ice

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ESP Institute

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Robotron is the machine formerly known as Xinner and this is its first offering for the ESP Institute. Side A’s "Dream Resonator" is an idiosyncratic network - dexterous machine drum/percussion programming, an ebb and flow of floating arpeggios, syncopated counter-melodies and a hail of stabbing strings continually diffusing into ethereal vapor - all stacked into an (aptly-named) orchestral anthem. Side B’s Ice takes a similar approach with arrangement, each instrument carving out its place in the track’s mechanics for a glorious convergence of patterns, but, where side A proves optimistic, here we sense a more menacing undercurrent, an austerity powerfully articulated through towering kicks and claps so compressed they fill up every dark corner of negative space. Indeed, Robotron has an innate command for building and calibrating robust systems, but beneath this calculated veil we find the remnant human behavior of Xinner. These two songs will whisper loudly but scream quietly.


Patrick says: Class 4 Holodeck heaters here from Robotron, who offers ESP a futuristic yin and yang via the utopic A-side and dystopian flip.


A1. Dream Resonator
B1. Ice

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