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Cheaters EP

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This years' summer hits on Highlife comes courtesy of a new artist from Hamburg called Green Ink who's served up four uniquely brilliant global party smashers. I know... it is a bit late now. Heading non stop without breaks towards the depths of fall and winter. But for those of you who live in the southern hemisphere of this mega cool planet, this are paaaarty vibes without frills  If you need a straight to the jugular track go for 'Open Tikoloshe' with its exotic chant samples, killer beat and infectious bassline. Gosh it works wonders this one. 
'Hymans Wrath' chills things a bit with its delicate synths and Chilean flute loop. Controversial yet good.  
On 'Party' we go darker with its tribal rhythms but the melody and rude synths keeps us all afloat  Curious piece this one. 
My favourite has to be the irreverent 'Human Catapults'. Minimalistic as they come with a thumpy, heavy and menacing basline and ace climax. Peak time number not to be missed. 

This label keeps giving and that is only a good thing. Cheers.


Sil says: I have a soft spot for Highlife. It is a solid, irreverent label that wants to give you oddball tracks touching all genres. This release is no exception. You will find dancefloor bangers along more chilled off the beaten track cuts. But the overall feeling is a 'yes sir, give me two copies'!! Pretty good.


A1. Open Tikoloshe
A2. Hymans Wrath
B1. Party
B2. Human Catapults

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