Red Greg

Love Break / Burning

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Kojak Giant Sounds

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Kojak returns to the seven inch format for, I believe, the second time since the label's incarnation (check Koolius Cesar RCRE 7001 for t'other one...).

Red Greg is Darren Greg who's released a smattering of hits between tastemaking labels Lumberjacks In Hell, Moton, Z Records and now for DJ Ionik's KGS.

"Love Break" is a fashionable, horn driven jazz funker, complete with stylish vocal section and beautifully dynamic arrangement. I'll have to hold my hands up straight away and admit no knowledge of the OG, but you're surely getting used to that by now!

"Burning" is more uptempo, straight up tropical disco with lyrics delivered in English but the delivery sounding African. It's slashing guitar chops, phat bass and charging drums ensure this'll keep any peak time action hot to trot.

Kojak Giant Sounds - 'The records that always land hitside up!


David says: Seven inches of pure pleasure from Red Greg. Both sides are killer but for me it's all about the A, featuring 'Love Can Break You' from Lea Robert's impossible to find 1982 album, 'My Silent Place'.


A Love Break
B Burning

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