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Like all great music, it's difficult to pinpoint what this sounds like exactly - but Toronto's Block Univers have cited their influences to include "boogie, house music, cold wave synths, gospel vocals, 808s and moog basslines" - so that would go some way to explaining the magic here. We tried to jam in as many of our favourites on this release as possible. You get loads of bang for your buck for sure. 
The combo of genres is not bad. Sometimes it can result a bit confusing but not here. Vocoders and filtered vocals impregnate all these tracks with soulful vibes and the basslines bring in a staunch persona to these magical tunes. 

Do not be afraid, listen to them and let yourself go with this belters!


Sil says: Surprisingly refreshing. I am always wary of vocoders and filtered vocals but here... here it is done properly. Electronic, soulful, forward thinking, dancefloor-friendly. Truly good, folks. Buy on sight!


A1. Many Years Apart
A2. LFO Vocal Test
A3. Homeward
B1. Tell Me Everything
B2. I Found Out
B3. Everytime I Fall
B4. Glory

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