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Dancer / Dreamer

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Mood Hut

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Mood Hut remain Vancouver's hottest export, presenting a new record by Ian Wyatt, performing under his cult Local Artist moniker. He’s one of the co-founders of Mood Hut, and you may remember him from his music on the Proibito and Rhythm Section record labels. You may also have checked out his releases under the moniker Slow Riffs, including the "Gong Bath" 12” from 2015. Yes, his reputation more than proceeds him!

"Dancer" epitomizes the Hut's sound so much it should have been its first release!. Drums, bass, keyboards, as well as other sounds and outboard effects (including delay) are all present as a dazzlingly radiant, hip shaking good LIVE house jam dances from the stacks. "Dreamer", as you might expect, reduces the pressure to a gentle canter, before a big b-line gets us hopping over the hurdles with ease. Just in time for those dying embers of Summer, this makes the perfect soundtrack to low, fiery red sunsets and darting crepuscular rays.

Essential BC product - get those orders in quick folks! 


A1. Dancer
B1. Dreamer

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