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Wave Music

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NYC dance music demigod Francois K's 1995 EP for his own Wave Music imprint has stood out as one of the most seminal and concise EPs in deep house history. Four tracks that tweak melodic, rhythmic, cerebral and physical stimuli into a record purpose built for late night abandon.

Freddie Turner's heavily styled NYC vox ride elegantly against FK's keyboards and immaculate drum programming on opener "Hypnodelic" while "Mindspeak" mixes jarring rhythms, ravey bleeps and funky grooves with a reckless confidence and unparalleled inventiveness. "Edge Of Darkness" should be regarded as the high watermark all house producers look to when composing up percussion-led slices of dancefloor voodoo - not many can touch this track for primal energy and the real roots of house. Finally, "Moov" allows a plethora of cosmically aligned synthesizers and keyboard to converge on a rock solid jack pattern for a historic piece of intergalactic dance music few will rarely come close to.

A true musical god who's influences and legacy can be felt right now across all aspects of dance music; this is a brilliant opportunity to own one of his most pure and quite frankly inspired moments of genius. 


Matt says: I once had a proper battered copy of this from Vox Pop (RIP). Even through the crackles it became one of my most treasured deep house records. Absolutely buzzed to be able to replace my copy with a much more playable fresh version! Up there with Instant House's un-beatable 1988 - 1993 output, it took the baton of deep house into the mid 90s with a flair and sophistication few have matched. Essential!


A1 Hypnodelic
A2 Mindspeak
B1 Edge Of Time
B2 Moov

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