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Themes For Great Cities is back in the house, bringing more Mogul madness for the whole family to enjoy. While label favourites Stabil Elite and Wolf Muller are on hand to bring their usual brand of weird-dance, '#4' welcomes new school crew Phaser Boys and TFGC buddies the Aiwo Posse to the table. The synth obsessed Stabil Elite start the party with the propulsive rhythms of "Snack Jam", an alt-warehouse jacker which builds from the brainfizzing intro of backwards guitar and grumpy bass into the pilled up swell R&S '93 pads and percolating 303. Just when you're aching for a breakdown, the track switches into Chicago piano and nuanced percussion before blasting off into the future via the funky Moog solo which twists and turns through the next two minutes. Tight shit! Underground upstarts Phaser Boys tag in for the A2, indulging in a little upside down electro funk number called "Tennis Camp". Mournful electronics and fx-addled synths work their way around the irresistible machine rhythm before that big bboy b-line wriggles up your trouser leg. Soon enough insistent piano vamps and a mystical melody come to the fore and pull me to the floor, spinning into a six step dressed like a recycling bin robot. Tropical drum fiend Wolf Muller takes over on the B1 with the evocative, exotic and eerie 'Der Vogel Aus Der Unterwelt', a techno tribal funk cut complete with tumbling toms, jews harp, synthetic birdsong and intoxicating oriental hooks. Vintage Schulte featuring homeboy Niklas Wandt, this cut should kill it in the club, and probably embalm it as well. Finally, the mighty Aiwo Posse, the collective name of DJ Normal 4, DJ Carrera, Rasputin and vocalist DJ Rainbow take us into another dimension with the retro futurist house maneouvres of "Your Love". Boasting a bassline not too far removed from Plez's "Thing For You", ethno-synth melodies, tribal touches and a killer breakbeat this rave rocker is gonna unite us all in a egalitarian future. 


Patrick says: Fiyah from Dusseldorf! Themes For Great Cities drop their fourth Mogul comp, inviting newcomers Phaser Boys and the Aiwo Posse to join old hands Stabil Elite and Wolf Muller for some alternative dance excellence.


A1. Stabil Elite - Snack Jam
A2. Phaser Boys - Tennis Camp
B1. Wolf Muller - Der Vogel Aus Der Unterwelt
B2. Aiwo Posse - Your Love

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