Danny Krivit & Tony Smith

Miracle Remix

Image of Danny Krivit & Tony Smith - Miracle Remix
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White Label

About this item

Limited 1-sided, hand stamped white label featuring a super hard to find remix of "In The Light Of A Miracle" - Arthur Russell's spiritual disco Loft classic and our own Kickin' Pigeon's oft-proclaimed favourite song ever™. Remixed by NYC's Danny Krivit and Tony Smith who draw out the jazzy inflections and Arthur's very personable vocal deliver. Better than the Yam Who? remix in my honest opinion due to it being much more in keeping with the faultless original and therefore, a highly treasured artifact of disco & New York culture - not to mention one of the crowning glories in Arthur's vast, vast discography!

Do not hang around! Solid gold record. 10/10, every home needs one!


Matt says: Does anyone else think about what they'd like played at their funeral. My morbid sense of humour has had this penned since I first heard it around 16 years ago (thanks Neil, @ Atonishing Sounds Burnley). A truly magical record that deserves a place in everyone's heart.


A. Miracle (Remix)

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