Annelies Monsere

Happiness Is Within Sight

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Equally adept at reissues and new releases, Stroom have quickly become one of our favourite labels, and the Belgian imprint excel themselves once again this week with the newest release from multi-instrumentalist Annelis Monsere. The label describe is as "...a record about a parting of ways. It is dedicated to the one who has been left behind and the one who left." And despite the 'happiness' of the title, the nine tracks found within embody a profound and beautiful melancholy. Musically Annelis charts a course through avant folk, minimalism and bedroom electronica, while her vocals, half whispered, half double tracked, convey an eerie gloom. Intimate, expressive and sorrowful, this is music for the moonlight.


1. You're On Your Own
2. Hold Music
3. Happiness Is Within Sight
4. Your Bones, Your Skin
5. The Night Draws Near
6. Abandonment
7. Hold Music II
8. Your Future Was Planned
9. Untied 

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