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Back in 2015, Parisian pop-pickers Antinote announced a balmy summer with a barmy mini-LP from mysterious French producer Domenique Dumont. Footloose and fancy free, "Comme Ca" moved cooly through the fringes of synthpop and dub, marrying the sweetness of summer with a modicum of melancholy. An instant classic, the release soon became a Balearic favourite and one of the standout releases on the outstanding Antinote.
After two summers of live shows, loving notes and youthful experimentation, Domenqiue Dumont are back, though no longer masquerading as a lone French producer. So say hello to Latvian duo, Arturs Liepins and Anete Stuce, and experience the oddball pop brilliance of 'Miniatures De Auto Rhythmn'. 
"Le Debut De La Fin" introduces the LP with percolating rhythms, humid guitar licks and hazy sinewaves, a calming background to the French pop lyrics despite its frenetic pace. Next up "Quasi Quasi" takes a morning stroll from the terrace to the beach, updating the Antenna template with the best bits of Bubble Bobble, slacker pop and wonky synthwork. "Faux Savage" bobs along to a lilting dub framework, taking the duo's trippy sound design into an even more tropical place. "Ono Mambo Haiku" incorporates a little Eastern minimalism into the sound palette, closing the side in horizontal bliss. Kicking off the flip, the white funk of "Quand" conjures images of Cosmic Club classics, French 7"s and cocktails on clifftops while the romantic melody of "Sans Cesse, Mon Cheri" slaps on the eyeliner and shoulder pads for a full on synth pop moment. As we approach the finish line, "Message Of The Diving Bird" brings us new age motifs, fourth world rhythms and the lo-fi naivity of a happy afternoon in Donkey Kong Country, before the emotive and evocative "Le Soleil Dans Le Monde" brings the curtain down with the tender satisfaction of a late afternoon nap by the pool.
It's rare for anyone to release a record as good as "Comme Ca", but to do it twice is practically unheard of. Blessed with a unique sound, an endless supply of irresistible melodies and more Gallic flair than any Latvian's I've ever met, Domenique Dumont are a treasure.


Patrick says: Domenique Dumont (a Lativan duo - who knew?) follow the success of their majestic "Comme Ca" with a divine debut LP. Skipping freely between Balearic, synth pop and dub, like some exotic cousin of Peaking Lights and Isabelle Antenna raised solely on Soleros and video games, 'Miniatures De Auto Rhythmn' might just be the best release on one of the best labels around.


1. Le Debut De La Fin
2. Quasi Quasi
3. Faux Savage
4. Ono Mambo Haiku
5. Quand
6. Sans Cesse, Mon Cheri
7. Message Of The Diving Bird
8. Le Soleil Dans Le Monde 

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