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Founding member and co-creator of ‘Aiwo rec.‘ DJ Normal 4 delivers Second Circle’s eleventh release to date with the EP ‘Exoticz’. Raised close to Düsseldorf in the Ruhr Area, Normal 4 grew up amongst a landscape of dusty factory skeletons and abandoned machine complexes in a formerly thriving industrial conglomerate. Bringing his signature sound of broken industrial dreams mixed with escapist rave fantasies, Normal 4 delves into the archives with two tracks ‘Kalaidoka’ and ‘Aeo’ recorded around 2011/2012, alongside a new track ‘La Arabia’. Produced at Altstadt Studio Mülheim an der Ruhr, with Normal 4’s good friend Anke Preuß on guitar and vocals, ‘Aeo’ is given the remix treatment by Phillip Otterbach on the ‘Aeo (Ottertasia Mix)’. On the B side the synth freak out ‘Kalaidoka’ is followed by ‘La Arabia’ which rides the breaks into a dusty moonlit desert rave.


Sil says: Nothing normal about DJ Normal 4. That is an excellent thing when we look around and witness the amount of dross we are bombarded with every day. DJ Normal takes his rave experiences and creates a melange of industrial analogue house combo that sets him apart straight away. My favourite here is going to be 'La Arabia' with its middle eastern sensual sample surging among all the ravey atmospheres. Folks, this is worth your attention!


A1. DJ Normal 4 Ft. Aenx - Aeo (Rythm Mix)
A2. DJ Normal 4 Ft. Aenx - Aeo (Ottertasia Mix)
B1. DJ Normal 4 - Kalaidoka
B2. DJ Normal 4 - La Arabia 

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