Brean Down

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After the leather-clad throb of "Sex Music", Beak> are back with another killer 7", the first single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming third album ‘>>>’. 
Showcasing the lyrical side of Beak>, ‘Brean Down’ sounds as though Nirvana are gatecrashing a Bronx B-Boy convention. Written and recorded live in the Invada studios, the band continue to forge their own path through their own genre of oddness. The Kraut-ish breakbeat calls to mind Can's lino-moment ("Vitamin C"), while the moody bassline, spidery guitars and mourful synths set the scene perfectly for the subtle angst of the lyrics. Over on the flipside, "WAWPSY" cartwheels through offkilter motorik, bendy synths and Fall-esque vocals, completing a brilliantly wonky package.


Patrick says: As the warped sleeve art suggest this is an irresistibly wonky offering from Beak>, bringing us two unsettling, queasy kraut nuggets, as angsty as they are off-kilter.


Brean Down

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