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Kawuku Sound

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Banana Hill

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"Kawuku Sound is the coming together of UK producers Contours & Cervo and Ugandan percussion troupe Fonkodelis Arkestra. This is the culmination of a month-long creative process that was born out of the Nyege Nyege affiliated Boutiq Studio in Kawuku, Kampala - Uganda.'

"Kawuku Sound" features traditional East African Buganda drumming interpolated with electronic production and ideas from the two Mancunian producers. Perfectly encapsulating the Banana Hill ethos it seeks to update and reinvent trad African sounds with more nightclub-focused production.

Musically, the hypnotic and incessant percussion lines of the Fonkodelis Arkestra permeate through every track, giving each tune a sense of urgency and drama thats in keeping with the dramatic local landscape. Wooden flutes glide effortlessly into synthesized pads, while on other tracks, Contours distinctly jazzy influences licks and passages take centre stage, with the ethnic percussion simply ushering it forward at a steady pace.

It's also undeniably NOW. With physical borders and cultural isolation being extinguished through the global world wide web, now more than ever are we seeing the cross-pollination of ideas alongside the co-ownership of ideas and artworks. While some see this as a negative, rife with cultural appropriation, I personally see it as an expansion of the global consciousness, as we seek to reach out and merge with other cultures and peoples and surely a positive message to the future generations - we are one!


Matt says: Local badmen (in the good sense, they're a pair of gents!) Contours and Cervo come together with Ugandan percussionists Fonkodelis Arkestra to create this deep, jazzy and soulful fusion LP, which translates traditional African sounds to a contemporary club setting.


A1. Ggaba Road
A2. Jinja To Kampala
A3. Owino Market
A4. Lost In Sound
B1. Buganda Dub
B2. Many Hands
B3. Youth (feat Spyda MC)
B4. Nilotica's Yard

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