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Chicago Bee: Volume 1

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Chicago Bee

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Now established after a couple of sprouting 12"s, jack trax renaissance label, Chicago Bee, drop a rock solid various artists 12" featuring four of the scene's new warriors.

Firing out of the stables comes A-Eno-Acid with "A-Sid-Drops", a skeletal yet warehouse friendly 303 + drum machine workout it utilizes clever grain delays, a perfectly placed woodblock hit and erogenous cutoff / resonance tweaks.

Postelektrik makes his presence felt through the square wave glide of "Closer" - recalling the great Larry (Heard) as he blends liquid emotion with mechanized jack patterns - yeeeaaah baby!

Type-303 casually deploys "Give It To Acid", his forth record to date and here displaying a canny knack for darkness and poise - the perfect to warm up a salivating horde of rave gremlins before the acid banquet really takes hold.

Finally, acid stalwart The Gasman has a plethora of releases and credentials attached to his name spanning Planet Mu and his own GasmanMusc. As you'd expect he drops some impeccable acid goodness in the form of "Radio To Bass" which pairs cheeky radio samples, ch-ch-chopped up nicely over techy stabs and militant snare patterns.

Chicago Bee's best record to date and a sterling performance from all artists involved - you need.


A1. A-Eno-Acid - A-Sid-Drops
A2. Postelektrik - Closer 
B1. Type-303 - Give It To Acid 
B2. The Gasman - Radio To Bass

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