Dub Surgeon

The Lost Future

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Record Label
Ark To Ashes

About this item

This is a great, long lost album from the Dub Surgeon now finally released on Ark to Ashes. Engineered by one Ricardo Villalobos (!!) and a big one for fans of Rhythm & Sound, Echospace & Seekers International, this is oceanic and thoroughly psychedelized DUB MUSIK for the deep heads and should demand your immediate attention!

Devoid of traditional rhythmic structures, ideas and motifs drift in on waves of white noise and electrostatic; the 'rainforest' fx and exotica idents indeed predating the SKRS INTL blueprint by some years.

Smothered in tape delay and aquatic reverb, the music rests below the surface of a crystalline sea, an ancient dub story lost in the vast currents of the Pacific but, like a message in a bottle, impossible the destroy and ready to be uncovered by human life once again...

Highly, highly recommended!


Matt says: Oh my! Just when you've exhausted the SRKS catalogue, here comes these 13 blissful tracks, suspended inna dub dreamscape, ready to take you off into another world. So good.


Untitled Dub 1
Untitled Dub 2
Untitled Dub 3
Untitled Dub 4
Untitled Dub 5
Untitled Dub 6
Untitled Dub 7
Untitled Dub 8
Untitled Dub 9
Untitled Dub 10
Untitled Dub 11
Untitled Dub 12
Untitled Dub 1​3

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