Buck Curran

Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas

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On his second solo album (both co-released by ESP-Disk' and Curran's Obsolete Recordings), the emphasis switches to acoustic guitar. Side A, all solo acoustic instrumentals, seems to have fallen out of a wormhole emanating from Takoma Records in the 1970s. There's some of that on side B as well, but also vocals and other instruments, sometimes overdubbed, and the dedication of "Taurus" to Peter Green, guitarist extraordinaire of the original lineup of Fleetwood Mac (when it was a blues band), hints at the breadth of Curran's influences. The introduction of other timbres and textures doesn't diminish the intimate, almost meditational mood, though. 


A1. Song For Liam
A2. Improvisation 1
A3. River Unto Sea
A4. Song For Shylah
A5. Summer Street
A6. Francesco Joaquin's Morning Haiku
B1. Improvisation 2
B2. The Sun Also Rises
B3. Taurus
B4. Compane Del Sabato Mattina
B5. Dirt Floor
B6. Sea Of Polaris

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