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A split release on Kode. Two exclusive tracks from Transformation & Beau Wanzer.

Transformation are relatively new kids on the block, this being their 2nd document to date. A creeping, slo-mo tech jaunt, even slower than Juju & Jordash's druggy escapades and with eerie leads and haunting arps prevalent throughout.

Beau Wanzer has a bit more clout behind him, with Russian Torrent Versions and L.I.E.S both laced with his discography. Here we find him lurking in the shadows in an opiated state as "Oklahoma 3" pulls back the curtain to reveal a smoldering & rotten corpse, chemical reactions still occurring on its surface it is slowly decomposes back into the ground. 


1. Transformation - Sketch 4
2. Beau Wanzer - Oklahoma 3 

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