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Running Back Super Sound Singles

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A really special re-issue here from Running Back's archival imprint, Super Sound Singles. "Music" by Syncbeat is one of the crowning glories of the UK electro / street sounds scene. Pioneers by Greg Wilson (who stated: 'The track that received the best response was “Music” by Syncbeat, which was full of good vibes... when discussing the underground legacy of UK electro). It also found favour with our European friends in Hamburg - at Stockhausen and Dlugosch's seminal Front Club.

Originally released in 1984 via Street Sounds resp. Streetwave and later licensed to German omnivore Zyx Records. The project was a joint venture between Greg Wilson alongside Manchester musicians Martin Jackson & Andy Connell. It combines a frenetic and jubulent sound palette that could blow the roof of both the Hacienda and Tony Humphries Zanzibar; the gated electro-bass, incessant hand claps and tribal chant could, as Greg Wilson stated, gone onto be recreated as a legendary house track, but this proto blueprint from the mid 80's was all a B-boy or club kid would need to start pulling moves.

Reissued with fresh mixes from Boris Dlugosch who played a large part in ignirting Running Back's interest in the track, it comes with four (count 'em!) different versions plus some bonus materieal such as the tribal refrain or stripped back beats.

Already causing a fuss here in store, and it's not properly out till 2moz (!!) this could well be one of the big anthems across the locale and beyond for the next season or two. Get in on the action early by grabbing your copy pronto!


Matt says: One of those record's that's so large you can't believe you haven't heard it before. Well, I fear all that's about to change proceeding this tasty re-ish from the good folks Running Back.


A1. Music
A2. Music (Remix)
A3. More Music
B1. Music (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
B2. Music (Boris Dlugosch Tribal Reprise)
B1. Music (Boris Dlugosch Bonus Beats)

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