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When a BRAND NEW house record by a BRAND NEW artist suddenly clocks up a load of pre-sales with very little hype you know summat special is in the air. Ok so it might have got a few plays on 6Music, but this is London-based Adelphi Music Factory's first ever record and on small-run, limited white label - what the fuck is going on?!

What you do need to know is that "Javelin" is a full-throttle, max-NRG, hi-octane house thriller that takes no prisoners. Loopy and charging with a huge gospel cry, it's like Paperclip People and Floorplan making gospel house music on Karlovac or No Fit State and will surely ignite any floor under its incendiary power.

There's a 'dub' version (cough), which relinquishes nothing in terms of energy but does away with that mind-mangling vox that sets the drops alight.

All in all 110% power for your next mainlined DJ set - always wear head gear!


A1 Javelin

B1 Javelin (Dub)

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