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Dutch industrialists RMFTM already showcased their collaborative mastery when they teamed up with Salford’s Gnod for the Temple ov BBV project and having now retired the former output, the Eindhoven four-piece are back with a new collab LP with fellow label-mates 10,000 Russos. Portuguese trio 10,000 Russos are best known for conjuring up concrete slabs of kosmische psych-rock and now, having teamed up with a new completely electronic RMFTM, their repetitive droning mantras have manifested into a whole new beast – the looped, motorik chants feeding perfectly off of RMFTM’s throbbing free-form electronics.

Free from any sort of structure or direction, the result is an intense, jarring collection of deranged industrial freak-outs that make Einstürzende Neubauten sound like Depeche Mode. Painting a dreary image of barren, polluted landscapes in the dystopia we seem so desperate to hurtle towards, on this record RMFTM and 10,000 Russos have carved out a soundtrack for the end of times whilst simultaneously asserting, once again, that both bands are some of the finest within the dark, murky underbelly of experimental music. 


1. A Song TO Get Rid Of The Crooked Crosses
2. Dazzling Rays
3. The World I Hunt
4. Clamber Into Night

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