Amerikan Dread

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Music From Memory switch formats to the Maxi 12" here, hitting us with a proper cross genre gem dug out by the one and only Satoshi Yamamura. Originally released on a 7" at some stage in the 80s, "Amerikan Dread" is a super sweet reggae-disco synth pop hybrid, packing Hollywood Hills lyricism, boogie vocoder and post Paisley funk into a total unclassic. The A-side of this remastered 12" hits us with the vocal and dub versions from the original release, leaving the whole of the B-side for a pair of primo re-visions from two leaders of the new school. First up, Russian tape lunatic Lipelis does his usual freaky shit on a neat retouch, while Androo licks the chalice and soaks the whole thing in bong water. Peace!


Patrick says: Mega NYC disco-dub fusion here, rediscovered and reissued by Amsterdam's finest. Glistening with synth pop sparkle, the OG and dub should kill it for the DKMNTL crowd, while Lipelis' tapey redux and Androo's THC laced excursion are A-grade weirdshit!


1. Amerikan Dread
2. Amerikan Dread (N.Y.C Dub)
3. Amerikan Dread (Lipelis Extended Dub)
4. Amerikan Dread (Androo Dub Remix) 

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