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New from the ever discerning Nous camp comes AYLN's RehtomEP, a 25 minute exploration of the kind of unrelenting machine music for which both artist and label have come to prominence.

Side A is a journey through sparse syncopated rhythms, industrial noise motifs and the kind of buzz and hum that the heroes of the second wave of techno music championed, culminating in the EP's title track 'Rehtom' which is an exercise in analogue techno mastery.

Side B's delivery is subtly more dulcet, kicking off with Digital Memories, which has a more classical techno structure than anything that came before, building intricate melodies into an otherwise taut and tightly woven electronic landscape while the closing Impulsive Sheit is a gentle downbeat number, exploring the space within the music and creating an atmospheric ambient discourse to outro the heady charge of the EP as a whole.


Sil says: Techno, industrial a-la-L.I.E.S. and loads of urban decay. Machines ruling the world and chips controlling our brains. If you dig that approach to life on planet Earth, this is for you. If you dig good industrial techno, you totally need this.


1. Eivissa
2. Victim
3. Rehtom
4. Digital Memories
5. Impulsive Sheit 

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