Edits EP 2

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Ele Records

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For the 5th in the Ele Records catalogue esteemed producer Cottam brings two killer edits to the table. The A side sees a joyous disco rework, extending and expanding elements to really hone in on that exuberant bassline and string section.

Flip it over and 'Jigsaw' delivers a dusty mixture of afro rhythms and stirring spoken words to entrance any audience it is played for. 

Cottam has been doing edits for a while now. Slowly but surely he is earning his place among the best editors out there. He digs deep to unearth great songs that are not that well known and makes them dancefloor friendly without being tacky or vulgar. We salute you Cottam. Keep them coming!


Sil says: Serious disco bomb edit on 'Affair' (A side) full of happiness and positive vibes (killer break, my friends - that bassline!) and to finish it all off a full B side ('Jigsaw')with plenty of afro beat rhythms with almost jarring vocals on top... this is my fave here. Timeless piece. Cottam does it yet again. His carefully selected tracks and carefully crafted edits deserve a place in your collection.


A1 Affair

B1 Jigsaw

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