Shake Tapes

Volume 6 (Dan Shake Mixes)

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The sixth in the series, "Shake Tapes" is an outlet for Dan Shake's private stash of DJ friendly cuts and cements his incendiary, party starting energy onto lovely black plastic through some tastefully executed cut n splices.

Any serious disco collector (I hope) should be able to identify these cuts. But I'm a house head and I've not heard a single one - so full marks to Dan for pulling out the unknown in a world that's saturated with the obvious.

What's even more impressive is that these are killer, KILLER cuts folks, and I'm truly surprised not to recognize any of them from many a years dancing to the various mutations and fringes of disco. Annnyway, all three are high octane, >115BPM disco stompers. Full of live instrumentation, a bustling energy and optimistic outlook.

Perfect for those hi-def Boiler Room camera sweeps when everyone looks like they're having a good time...


Matt says: Tuff one not to shake a feather too... You've gotta be feeling pretty sullen and downtrodden not to garner some degree of joy from these feel-good edits.


A1. You Make Me Hot (Dan Shake Cut)
A2. Body Oil (Dan Shake Cut)
B1. You (Dan Shake Cut)

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