D.A.L.I. (Deadly Avenger & Luke Insect)

When Haro Met Sally

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Burning Witches

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Did anyone ever watch 'California Dreams' on Nickelodon in the early 90's? Bright, pseudo-surf teens carving through their difficult formative years using a combination of friendship, music (the eponyomous 'California Dreams' was their band) and good old-fashioned teamwork. Sure, we had our ups and downs (they were, unforgivably prone to cultural stereotyping and 'playful' appropriation a-la Saved By The Bell), and their band, despite the optimistic title, were shit, but they made an impression on me nonetheless.  

Enter master synth-fiddler Deadly Avenger and Luke Insect, a local purveyor of mindblowing psychedelic imagery to create 'D.A.L.I', an homage to to hazy summer days in California, suddenly casting aside all thoughts of the California Dreams and their saccharine interactions. 

We hear the hazy air of a humid california day throughout, saturated into VHS tapes, and brought overseas with throbbing Italo pulses and snapping arpeggiated octaves (the duo of 'Mushroom Grip' and 'Sunset On Overland Drive' had me subconsciously desk-dancing, and continues to amaze even after repeated listens). We have more dynamic struggle/resolution montage gold in 'Too Tuff To Bluff', shimmering reverbed DX7 and panned glittering saw waves in 'Me And My Mongoose', interspersed with context-giving skits (BMX competions, frivolity, the pressures of being North-Cal etc.) 

A Brilliantly absorbing and unbelievably emotive cruise along the entirety of the PCH, stopping at college parties, rad spots and diners, illustrated and brought to life with deft musicianship and perfectly curated artistic direction. A simmering, summer winner. 


Barry says: Another superb slice of 80's electronics and saturated synth throbs from the ever-reliable Burning Witches. Snappy gated snares ring out over the hazy horizon, one thousand over-sized boom boxes blare sound to the polyester-clad dude-shouting masses. Honestly the best synth music i've heard since D/A/D. Absolutely superb.


1. Intro
2. Chrome
3. Too Tuff To Bluff
4. Vanderpsek Skit
5. Curb Dogs
6. Kuwahara Dreams
7. Goodtimes In Badlands
8. Gettin' Crit
9. When Haro Met Sally
10. Scurra Skit
11. Mushroom Grip
12. Sunset On Overland Drive
13. In Dominguez We Trust
14. Skyway SKIT
15. Me And My Mongoose
16. Throwdown At The Del Mar
17. Heartbreak At Runway Park
18. Mirage SKIT
19. Upland '84 (Endless Summer)
20. Freestyin' Skit

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