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One of Firecracker’s founding fathers returns once more, this time shoving two fingers up to current DJ conventions smashing out a 150 BPM electrofunk hybrid. On the flip, two deeper cuts traversing ambient wormholes and reflecting that classic Linkwood sound.

Linkwood's productions have always permeated class and sophistication whether he's turning his house to downbeat, house, techno or weirdo instrumental hip-hop. This excursion into faster tempo is as impressive as it is seductive, and has us all here at the shop itchy to here it played out loud and direct.

Meanwhile, the trippy wash of "Solar Panel" reflects time spent with label mate and luminary, Vakula as it flutters delicate synthesizes textures, pads and atmospherics over an evocative soundscape of bird song and wavering chords. "Another Late Night" concludes in vintage Linkwood form - a bouncy, squelchy, deeeep house affair with pricks, pokes and teases and the mind and body through Linkwood's advanced and highly proficient sound design.

Another tour de force from this UK legend. Most recommended. 


Matt says: Firecracker co-founder and darling of UK dance music shows us a less displayed side to his persona - a 150bpm electro-funk banger that'll wriggle its way into most of Mancunia's record boxes...


A1. Fresh Gildans
B1. Solar Panel
B2. Another Late Night

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