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I Feel Blood / Exorcise (ACE 236 Series)

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Moog Recordings Library

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Gazelle Twin were originally invited as part of the Supersonic Festival 2015 curation of the Moog Sound Lab satellite sessions at Birmingham City University.

The twin returned to the lab during it’s residency later that year at London’s Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. for a consecutive six day session in August, invited artists mooged, wined, dined, slept and dreamt in room 236. on tap 24/7 - the entire Moog Sound Lab, along with a Brion Gysin ‘Dream Machine” & a small library of associated books & user manuals. Here Gazelle Twin re-made/re-modeled, recorded & filmed new versions of two of their favourite tracks on the wall-to-wall moogs.

"I Feel Blood" is a brutalist and abstract workout; tearing and reversed synth shards rotating against a synthesized deep rumble and spring-reverberated smash. The perfect atmosphere to impart doom and destructionist ideals onto its audience.

"Exorcise" is quick fire, rotary acid. Comprised of multi concentric arps rotating just slightly out of sync to create movement and fluctuation. Moog-synthesized drums supply a percolated, bubbling rhythm before warbled vox complete the 'song' like element of the structure.

Easily one of the best of the series so far! Recommended.


Barry says: The Moog Recordings Library series has been an eye-opening and fascinating look into the working practices of well-known musicians (very interesting for me), and a damn good listen (very interesting for everyone else). This outing is one of the best of the bunch, with Bernholz's skill as a sound sculptor coming to the fore through a variety of hardware processes.


Side A - I Feel Blood (Moog 2015)

Side B - Exorcise (Moog 2015)

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