Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

High Visceral (Part One & Two)

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What Reality? Records

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Having burst onto the scene in their homeland, releasing their first two LPs to widespread national acclaim, alongside supports with Royal Blood, Dune Rats & Black Mountain, the band have developed a staunch grassroots following with their captivating blend of psychedelia. Ahead of their debut UK tour this September, the quartet have delivered an entrancing video for Cornflake, discussing their ideas in detail: “Existence is a strange concept so we wanted to create an animation that explores the idea of how weird life is. Even after all the soul-searching, religious preaching and spiritual journeys there is not one answer to anything”. “The video salutes to the song perfectly, venting more energy, colour and strangeness that leaves most people perplexed. It’s sometimes hard to grasp we’re one of a billion grains of rice in a huge sushi roll; the video reinstates that awareness, so stop worrying and do something you care about before the aliens invade”. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets is Jack McEwan (lead vocals, guitar), Luke Parish (guitar), Danny Caddy (drums), Luke Reynolds (bass).


1 Cornflake
2 Cubensis Lenses
3 Marmalade March
4 ...And The Addled Abstraction Of Being
5 High Visceral
6 Surf's Up
7 Gallop To Southport
8 Found God In A Tomato
9 Entropy
10 Denmark/Van Gogh & Gone
11 Nek
12 Gurzle
13 First Light In The Garden At Chipping
14 Ergophobia
15 Move
16 Buzz
17 Coffee
18 Dependant On Mary
19 It's Not Safe To Leave This House
20 November

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