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Null+void Recordings

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Second release on null+void featuring the amazing talents of Keith Tenniswood (Radioactive Man), Simon Lynch (London Modular Alliance) and Johnny Oakley (Monoak / Freerotation), all collaborating under the L-R alias. The group have been working together regularly in the beautifully equipped Curvepusher Studio (with the addition of Simon’s modular elements) over the last 18 months and over these sessions worked up a sound that brings in a striking combination of elements from each producer’s own distinct pallets. At times brutal and others sublime, this EP works at the higher end of BPM spectrum, covering electro and techno territories with a deft hand and stylish approach. UK techno and electro is undergoing a tectonic shift of late, with the sound being blasted out of every Shropshire free party, Hackney warehouse and Manchester based basement rave weekend after next, these three cats epitomize the high watermark of quality that many strive to achieve. Recommended!


A1. Tiger Stripes
A2. Fruitcake
B1. Land
B2. Aesop

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