The Criminal Minds

Baptised By Dub

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White House Records

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Originally released on White House Records & remastered from digital masters by Robert Macciochi, this EP should need no introduction to the old skool cru. Out in 1992 as free party fever gripped the UK, one discogs user states: 'First heard this tune at a Spiral Tribe rave on a hill near Stroud at about 8am. What a tune! It went on to become one of the massive rave anthems of a Summer rammed out with anthems. Some people may complain that it was overplayed but it deserved it.'

Although rearing its head on numerous CD comps plus a badly pressed various artists EP, neither "Baptised By Dub" and "Rebaptised By Dub" have been repressed from the original sources since their first inception - meaning this is probably the best quality version of these killer rave anthems you're ever likely to hear!

Characterized by a storming 'Apache' breakbeat, the odd 'go with the flo' & 'beat the system' rave vox and darn right humongous piano line this epitomizes the sound and energy of 1992 - for many the golden year of break hardcore. Now back with both mixes alongside "Flynns Theme" and "Headhunter 1" this is one record for the old and new camps alike!

All the massive!


A1 Rebaptised By Dub
A2 Flynns Theme
B1 Headhunter 1
B2 Baptised By Dub

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