Evasivas Esotericas - Inc. Simple Symmetry Remix

Image of Aristidez - Evasivas Esotericas - Inc. Simple Symmetry Remix
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Calypso Mexico

About this item

This time in Calypso, Aristidez takes us on journey trough the streets of Lima Peru. The Chaos and the spirituaity of this old country are noticable on all of this tracks. Rumbling percussions and vocals, harmony and rythm, darkness and light all come togeter through the use of samples to show the quality of this young up and coming producer. "Nada Nada" it's the mantra that will help you go through the morning in a grey and cloudy city. "Reyerta" represents the violence of many Latin American cities having a hard time. Evoca its the mix between the first two where peace and violence find them selves in a catarchic release of energy. Symple Symmetry brings the tempo up for their Nada Nada remix asking everyone "what happens after death".


1. "Nada Nada"
2. "Reyerta"
3. "Evoca"
4. "Nada Nada" (Simple Symmetry 'What Happens After Death' Remix)

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