Evasivas Esotericas - Inc. Simple Symmetry Remix

Image of Aristidez - Evasivas Esotericas - Inc. Simple Symmetry Remix
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Calypso Mexico

About this item

Calypso's totally tropical tonic takes on the streets of Lima, Peru with Aristidez as our neo-shamic guide. Rumbling percussions and tribal vocals, strange harmonies and hypnotic rhythms merge with a deft and sympathetic slice of modern production nuances and sample sources.

"Nada Nada" it's the mantra that will help you go through the morning in a grey and cloudy city. "Reyerta" represents the violence of many Latin American cities having a hard time. "Evoca" it's the mix between the first two where peace and violence find themselves in a cathartic release of energy. Symple Symmetry brings the tempo up for their "Nada Nada" remix asking everyone 'what happens after death'. If you need a lively and percussive addition to your fledging sonic rituals then look no further than this inspired EP.


1. Nada Nada
2. Reyerta
3. Evoca
4. Nada Nada (Simple Symmetry 'What Happens After Death' Remix)

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