Under Your Spell

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Italians Do It Better

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Produced & Mixed By Johnny Jewel - Artwork By Johnny Jewel.

The Desire trio is made up of John Padgett, Megan Louise, and Nat Walker. Together, they've released a handful of EP's and an LP for the excellent Italians Do It Better, and they return to the label with a new six-tracker of off-the-wall, sultry synth disco. "Under Your Spell" is a soundtrack kind of tune, where Louise's vocals ride ever so well amid crunchy, mid-tempo drum machine beats, but there's also plenty of uplifting discotheque fun such as "Don't Call", and the supremely funky "Mirroir Mirroir". The B-side features a moodier vocal mix of the title track, the quirky bleeps and beats of "I Can Dream About You", and the beatless vocal mix of "Don't Call". Whether you're into synth pop, coldwave, or disco, Desire is sure to please your needs.


Barry says: Another killer EP from Desire, with massive reverbed drums, silken vocals and shimmering synths. A perfectly balanced suite of heart-aching reminiscence, shining synthwork and evocative lyrics. Beautiful stuff.


A1. Under Your Spell
A2. Don’t Call
A3. Mirroir Mirroir (Instrumental Dub)
B1. Under Your Spell (Vocal & Synthesizer)
B2. I Can Dream About You (8 Track Version)
B3. Don’t Call (Vocal & Synthesizer)

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