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Unlimited Love #14

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Late addition of the week! Creeping in by the skin of their bootleg-stained teeth come another selection of top drawer, executive grade disco and boogie without the high price tag and scarce availability! You know the score by now, collectively worth more dancefloor power than Kickin' Pigeon's psychedelics drawer, if you were to source / find / acquire OGs of these hard to find tracks you'd need a small fortune and a lot of air miles!

Unlimited Love do the do and make the inaccessible available to all - and for that we thank them - we'll even let them off the occasional snide pressing!

*Not available on discogs!

- Most recommended. 


A1. Moses - Love To Live
A2. Natural Order - Jealousy

B1. Nina Dunn - Stay And Dance
B2. Phenomenal - One Two Three (Come See About Me)

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