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The Trilogy Tapes

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It was only a matter of time before the enigmatic Rezzett duo dropped an LP on Will Bankhead's TTT, and the time feels just right. At a time when electro, EBM and post-everything seems to be trending, the duo's organic style and ethereal melodies make a whole lot of sense, and give meaning to a new generation of listeners fascinated by future dystopia and the more melancholic side of dance music. The self-titled LP is a perfect encapsulation of everything they have released thus far, a blend of aqueous techno and ambient house that goes way, way beyond the dancefloor. The mood, the vibe, and the sounds are sticky, tainting the air with their singular distortion aesthetic that renders them personal to these two masked producers. The thing we love most, however, is their willingness to represent the UK hardcore continuum, offering two final cuts that push the d&b framework to its very limits. Highly recommended.


Sil says: Exuberant LP from the TTT troupe. Futuristic, visionary, menacing, dystopian. Can you feel it? It has a bit for everyone too. Those who have been following TTT will be pleasantly surprised. It has its hard moments but its evocative and atmospheric undertones will transport you to a special place... that is planet TTT. Always on the cutting edge.


01. Hala
02. Longboat
03. Sexzzy Creep
04. Yunus In Ekstasi
05. Wet Bilge
06. Tarang
07. Gremlinz
08. Worst Ever Contender

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