Emperor's New Clothes EP

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Berceuse Heroique

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Berceuse Heroique never ceases to disappoint when it comes to a bit of comic relief. That sounds strange for a label which specialises in uncompromising outsider sounds, of all shapes and sizes, and predictably dark shades of music, but there is a surprise at every turn. Now, the Athens-based imprint makes a turn to Duckett, a relatively unsung figure of the early minimal and tech-house scene from the UK.

Emperor's New Clothes Part 1 is a varied dance single with six effective cuts riding shotgun; the bounce begins with the trippy bleeps of "Rights", followed by the more broken, off-kilter noise approach of "The Way You Make Me Feel" and the sleepy minimalism of "Tension". The B-Side is similarly hedonistic, with all sorts of chanting making way for yet more tooled-up beats and wayward samples.


Sil says: I love the soothing sounds of marimba and xylophone. And if you add a good beat underneath, and some daft keys on top, I am all in. Loads of that on this gorgeous 12" filled with warm house and chilled ambient. A contender for 12" of the week.


01. Rights
02. The Way You Make Me Feel
03. Tension
04. Millions And Millions Of Palestinians
05. Magic Headlines Foul The Air
06. Who Am I

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