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This is the debut album by The Billy Shinbone Show. It's the deviant fuzz-folk manglings & disco-punk-rock-blues of Somerset multi-instrumentalist Billy Shinbone. The album funnels his twin passions of old country & ‘60s psychedelia through the rusty plumbing of a DIY musical approach & his love of a twisty lyric. Apart from a couple of songs that make use of some musically talented friends, Billy plays all instruments. From banjo & accordion to bowed electric sitar & the clanging of an old motorcycle sprocket that just happened to ring a perfect "G".

The drums are kept simple & primitive. No cymbals at all, no kick drum. Just a floor tom, a snare drum & assorted percussion. The project first seeded itself when Billy (aka Jesse Budd) spent time touring in the USA with arty psychedelic popsters Flipron & found himself falling in love with the old Country & Cajun music he was hearing in the bars of Texas & Tennessee. "Music as good as that just makes you want to join in. But I don't really fit in that world. So I've tried to invent my own world where a pink suit wearing, poetry reading, cocktail drinking surrealist like me can somehow bring my electric sitar to the Honkytonk & not get my head kicked in." The Billy Shinbone Show will be appearing in venues around the UK in the coming months, hopefully avoiding a kicking! (You can also catch him at his "day job" playing guitar for the Neville Staple Band, or hear him singing on Rat Scabies' new album. But that's another story...) 


1. Mostly Cloudy, Occasionally Sunny
2. If You Think You'll Get Away With It You're Wrong
3. High Trapeze
4. Temptation's Got The Good Stuff
5. Hoard Of Hope & Plunder
6. Day Of The Dangerous
7. A Bunch Of Flowers
8. Old Brown Shed
9. Another Bunch Of Flowers
10. Thanks But No Thanks, Baby 

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