Right On Time / Tonight

Image of Prophet - Right On Time / Tonight
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Stones Throw

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When Funkadelic asked us all to swear on the bible and flag, proving our funk credentials, Prophet was right in the front line, shirtless and soulglowed AF. This Stones Throw 7" hits us with the two toughest, roughest and most radical tracks from the great man's 1984 boogie holy grail "Right On Time". On the A-side, the title track electric slides through wormhole fx and nebulous filter sweeps, locking us into an outrageous bit of zero gravity funk. Falsetto vocals, slick bass licks, vamping keys and strutting guitars come together like a good game of Tetris, lifting you to a new interdimensional plane. The tape saturated thrust continues on B-side bubbler "Tonight", a post Paisley romp that replaces Prince's androgyny with a brandy sipping masculity.


Patrick says: Not since the glory days of PPU have we had a tape saturated boogie bomb of this magnitude. Imagine a soundtrack to an imaginary club scene in which all your favourite arcade game characters have an orgy.


Right On Time

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