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Sao Paulo based record merchant & music producer DJ Tahira combines his two favourite things - digging crates and making beats, for Dubplates twenty-forth record to date. Packing plenty of Latin swagger, Tahira mixes Gil Scott-Heron's empowering masterpiece "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" and switches up the beat for a more swinging Afro-styled horn-n-bustle groove. "Jackson’s Capoeira" is also the first of two Brazilian re-works on this 12-inch which mixes masterful percussion and vocals with some serious dancefloor breaks and a little berimbau for good measure too.

And finally, Tahira brings us another excursion from his home country in the shape of "Son’z Toque" - a rolling, hypnotic dancer that builds into a frenzy of drums, horns, vocals and FX.


Gil’s Revolution (Tahira Afrobeat Version)
Jackson’s Capoeira (Tahira Rework)
Son’z Toque (Tahira Rework)

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