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The Shape Of Cats To Come

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Pussyfoot Records is back after the labels 15-year hiatus with a brand-new E.P featuring both old and new Pussyfoot artists. 'The Shape Of Cats To Come' mixes genre, age and artistry, showcasing the label’s diverse and varied roster of artists from all over the world. The E.P will be available to buy and download, also as a limited edition 12” vinyl with beautiful artwork by Tokyo artist Rob Kidney. Label founder Howie B contributes two tracks, one solo and one a collaboration between Chinese artists Mickey Zhang & WHAI. New signing to the label, London based, Milo Clare releases his debut and Pussyfoot regular Sie also contributes. 

Milo Clare – ‘Good Enough’ Released 14th September Brand new Pussyfoot artist, Milo Clare, starts the E.P off with his signature downtempo R&B vocals, sleepy drums and bedroom eye's guitar. Think D’Angelo ‘Brown Sugar’ meets early Frank Ocean in a lo-fi, soulful exploration of falling in love.

Sie (feat. Courtney Gray) – ‘Riders On The Storm’ 6th July Sie offers up a panoramic orchestral cover of The Doors' psychedelic track 'Riders On The Storm' which has been 16 years in the making. The track features the earth-shattering vocals of Courtney Gray which swoop on top of heavy strings to create a moody and electronic vibe with a pussyfoot genre twist.

Howie B – ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ Released 17th August Titled after the Dr. Seuss book, this track will definitely take you places. This tune evolves constantly; new instrumental motifs and loops are added in until you get a beautiful mix of breakbeat and romantic keys. Throw in that grinding guitar and you have an unlikely but gorgeous electronic track.

Mickey Zhang & WHAI (feat. Howie B) – ‘Electric Horse’ Released 27th July Chinese artists Mickey Zhang & WHAI are joined by Howie B on this epic dance track. Traditional Chinese music and instruments (Guzheng) meet EDM in this East meets West track that will get you shimmying towards the dance floor.


Millie says: An explosion of diverse genres, nu-jazz, broken beat and electronic housey goodness. Pussyfoot have nailed this!


1. Milo Clare – ‘Get Enough’
2. Sie (feat. Courtney Gray) – ‘Riders On The Storm’
3. Howie B – ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’
4. Mickey Zhang & WHAI (feat. Howie B) – ‘Electric Horse’ Released

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