The Beds

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Major Problems

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Melly aka DJ Aprés Ski with four tracks of cerebral club music for the daytrippers and 5D-voyagers alike as the amazing Major Problems continues to be a beacon for the unknown and undiscovered. "Shrubbery" is a meandering lysergic swirl, decorated beautifully with digitized timpani for a moment of neon-hued serotonin release. "Health Is Wealth" deploys stuttered mid range synth shots as a simple arpeggio rotates slowly around pneumatic beats for a blackened night club weapon that kids'll go crazy for. "The Beds" is a bouncy, elastic cerebral house number, with ricocheting perc, suspended pads and a nagging, penetrative lead and in some way, reminds me slightly of FYI Chris' eerie creepers. "Mineral Water" completes the set with nods Mood Hut's Aquarian Foundation and Cloudface - a hazy, dreamy, aquatic cut that sees bubble fx and sonar bleeps sidechained against a rippling underwater current for a track that'll instantly transport you back to Sonic the Hedgehog's water levels. Watch out for air bubbles!

Mastered by Someone’s Dad? Cut at Schnittstelle. Artwork by Mel Keane.


Matt says: Kaleidoscoping shamanic business here from one of the first teams in the league. Major Problems continue to twist minds and elevate frequencies. You need!


A1. Shrubbery
A2. Health Is Wealth
B1. The Beds
B2. Mineral Water

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