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Fake Love Vol.5

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Fake Love

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Crafty buggers Fake Love return, making it almost a weekly occurrence. Much like Mastermind on BBC can be relied upon week after week to totally bamboozle and ridicule your intelligence - Fake Love pour humiliation over your disco, soul and funk knowledge, digging up highly listenable yet majorly unheard nuggets from the past thirty or so years; and continuously making us here at Piccadilly HQ admit defeat at the hands of this avid firm.

To make matters worse, our in-house disco encyclopedia Patrick is off today, so I'm handing in the towel before I've even begun, sculling back into the mail order to section to discuss stiffeners and shipping costs with Dave.

What I can tell you is that side A features a bouncy, electro-disco cut rich with boat party flavour and sounding like summat you'd catch Balearic Mike or Kelvin Andres playing to out to raptors celebration. Side B keeps the Balearic spirit alive as a proper beach ball soul cut skips across the bay as we enjoy margaritas and calamari. A truly evocative holiday experience! Bal-ear-ic A F mate....


Patrick says: While Matt's flailing around the mailorder department in disgrace, I've returned to offer some ID assistance. Volume 5 focuses on the sweet voiced musical career of Alessandra Mussolini (the grand daughter of the fascist dictator) via two top edits of her most sought after material. The A-side offers "Love Is Love", the camp disco hit which inspired Ofra Haza's Israeli Balearic hit "Adama", while the B-side flips "Amai Kioku", an Italian Balearic disco hit with Japanese lyrics. Curio anyone?

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