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The Rough Guide To Cambodian Psychedelia

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To even the most intrepid of crate diggers, laying hands on an original vinyl by Pan Ron or Ros Seresyothea is elysian imaginary. The two vocalists, along with Sin Sisamouth were figureheads of the epochal 1960-1970s Cambodian music scene which reinvented American rock and roll in a way wonderfully its own.

The Khmer Rouge’s systematic dismantling of Cambodian culture was so successful that LP’s from this era have only rarely survived either sequestered away by residents or smuggled out of the country with those who left. Under Pol Pot’s orders, the despot’s troops literally gathered up and burned every book, painting, film reel and vinyl record they could find. A history purposefully extinguished.

Over the last two decades years, spirit-guided by Southern California-based band Dengue Fever, interest in vintage Cambodian sounds has spiked. A new wave of DJs, collectors and interpreters now pour over original cuts, the rarer the better, sliding them into their mixes, lovingly remastering their chalky tones and performing the music anew. This handpicked compilation is one of few stacking the shelves that features original re-issues alongside the finest reworkings by Dengue Fever themselves.

Once again Cambodia’s creatives soak up international influences and then
stew them back down with their own style and attitude. Looking back and
looking forward, Cambodia grooves.


Ros Seresyothea - Penh Chet Tae Bong Mouy (I Love Only You)
Dengue Fever - Tip My Canoe
Pan Ron - Koun K’Teuy (Baby Lady Boy)
Dengue Fever - Ghost Voice
Pan Ron - Bros Ey Kov Prerl (Naughty Boy)
Dub Addiction - The Mighty Plan
Dengue Fever - One Thousand Years Of A Tarantula

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