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Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em

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The major label massive come through with something for the heads here, hooking us up with f-f-f-fresh reissues of Eric B & Rakim's four iconic studio albums. Dropping in 1990, "Let The Rhythm Hit 'em" continued the gradual evolution of the duo's sound, this time balancing hard edged pounders like the title track with the smoother, more soulful style of "In The Ghetto". Though Rakim may have been late to cop onto the the politicised style of Ice T or Cube, the endless string of tongue twisting multisyllabic lyrics makes this one of the most technically tight rap LPs ever made.


Side 1
1.Let The Rhthem Hit 'em (5:25)
2. No Omega (4:42)
Side 2
1. In The Guetto (5:28)
2. Step Back (4:35)
Side 3
1. Eric B Made My Day (5:09)
2. Run For Cover (4:44)
3. Untochables (4:11)
Side 4
1. Mahogany (4:32)
2. Keep 'em Eager To Listen (4:39)
3. Set 'em Straight (4:29)

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