Hailu Mergia

Yegojam Marnesh / Yegle Nesh

Image of Hailu Mergia - Yegojam Marnesh / Yegle Nesh
Record Label
Awesome Tapes From Africa

About this item

Awesome Tapes From Africa come through with some strictly limited (100 copies worldwide folks) bonus business from Ethiopian hero Hailu Mergia. This high demand 7" serves up two extra tracks as a sonic complement to Hailu Mergia’s new album. Where the album scales angular heights between modern jazz and Ethiopian harmonies, these two tracks explore the heavier side of Mergia’s trio work with drummer Tony Buck and Bassist Mike Majkowski. The band has toured the world together over the last few years following Mergia’s reissuing some of his classic recordings via Awesome Tapes From Africa. On the A-side "Yegojam Marnesh" shuffles through the kind of loungey Afro-jazz you'd expect from an outerplanetary resort bar, while B-side "Yegle Nesh" treats us to stomping funk percussion, twisted organ lines and heavyweight bass, bursting through the speakers like a Dilla-sampled Placebo workout. 


01. Yegojam Marnesh (5:12)
02. Yegle Nesh (4:38)

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