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Bird (Prins Thomas Remixes)

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In a move that's frankly left me a quivering mess of giddy fanboy, Smalltown Supersound offer an excellent extension of Kelly Lee Owens' chart smashing debut LP (Piccadilly #1 folks) with a remix 12" featuring the mighty Prins Thomas! I feel like Neil Tennant and Dusty Springfield ("What Have I Done To Deserve This") but in a Wayne's World "We're Not Worthy" style. It's tough for me to choose a favourite track from Kelly's LP, but "Bird" is a cut I keep coming back to. Intricate chimes unwind like an Escher-ed out clock, sumptuous strings harness 'Omar Sharif in Laurence of Arabia' grandeur while the pulsing bass tones and well honed 4/4 lead the way to the nearest big rig. Heady stuff! So what happens when Scandinavia's hardest working production wizz gets his hands on the stems? Well, as you'd imagine it's an epic affair clocking in at an immersive, extensive, this is now the soundtrack to my waking life, 17 minutes. Layered, structured and mixed with Thomas' trademark cosmic flair, the track builds from staccato sequence into techno-tropical percussion pow wow before cooling down for the first breakdown, a stripped back and spacious segment dominated by that girthy bass pulse. Deep as it gets, the track then evolves into a neo-tribal house jam - all precision engineered kicks, nuanced congas and judderring synth pulses before bridging into a classic space disco groover akin to the Norwegian's recent remixes for Pilotwings and Todd Terje. And just when you'd got comfortable there's another shedload of ants in your pants, wriggling and jiggling through de/re-tuning synth blasts, twisted percussion iterations and slinking sound design. Closing with an obligatory cool down, this is up there with any Prins Thomas production, OG or remix! The set rounds off with a more concise edit of this tantric session, designed specifically for DJs who don't get the luxury of an eight hour set! Two thumbs up and one gold hippo - I can't recommend this enough!


Patrick says: I'm absolutely buzzing about this one! Two of my favourite musical forces united on one top 12" cut and mastered for the club! Alongside the excellent original version of K-Lo cut "Bird" we get a ridiculously good remix from Prins Thomas, who stretches, spangles and wrangles the OG into a 17 minute marathon for his best Diskomiks to date. Not content with that killer he also provides an eight minute variation for us regular DJ folks. Buy on sight!


1. Bird (Prins Thomas Diskomiks Dj Edit)
2. Bird (original Version)
3. Bird (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

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