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"Spoki (Ghosts)" is the sound of an artist putting their private world to tape. Of exploring and pushing the limits of themselves and technology to realise the music in their head. Recorded in Riga between 1988-2011.
As Ingus Baušķenieks himself explains: “My own world differs a little from my friends' tastes. And - as my father said - the collective art is not art at all." 
The music of Ingus Baušķenieks is both deeply private and completely alien. Experimental yet happy to celebrate pop influences such as Engelbert Humperdinck, Simon & Garfunkel or Fleetwood Mac. It is shaped by the artist’s engagement with technology and his strive to put to record his ‘own world’.
As Ingus explains, it is the sound of him: “doing what I like to do.”


Patrick says: The Stroom hot streak continues this week with the strange and beautiful world of Riga musician Ingus Bauskenieks. The eleven tracks on offer cover 23 years of odd-pop experiments, bedroom sonnets and synthed up chuggers. In other words, this is power Balearic, Latvian style…


1. Kur Tu Esi?
2. Romi
3. Trisi, Trisi, Siksparnit..
4. Lidojums Uz Sauli
5. Jelgava
6. Majas Dzive
7. 19.10.89
8. Aizlidoja Klavas
9. Pasaulee Ir Tik Daudz Viriesu Un Sieviesu
10. Meness Klajuma
11. Spoki 

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