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Last spotted tomfooling as Tryck & Ton with Edvin Edvinsson, and prior to that as Tiedye on Mike Simonetti’s Italians Do It Better imprint, subversive Swede Anton Klint makes his debut on Simonetti’s latest label 2MR with two more vitally trippy, heavily dub-informed originals. 
‘Mun’ chugs at a stately 107. Rippling in places, squiggling in others, there’s an unabashed FX weirdness bubbling and popping over the insistent shimmering dubwise groove. Tweaking, freaking but running at such a smooth temper there’s space between the chaos, Anton is balancing some heavily hypnotic alchemy here. ‘Strupe’ takes things even lower and slower. A dusty bluesy chugger, unhurried-yet-relentlessly building with a great sense of cosmic drama, listen and marvel as more elements are precision introduced throughout the seven minute trip. A masterclass in modern day honkytonk. Remix-wise we’re thrusted into the later hours with a technoid twist from Andre Laos. Maintaining Anton’s original’s trippy charm and measured pace but re-amping it with grittier foundation, teasing risers and an insurgent synth strike, it’s the perfect complement to one of 2MR’s most singular releases to date. Open wide.


Patrick says: Killer weirdshit from Swedish hero Anton Klint here, who warps dub tempo, synth strangeness and wonky house into a slow tempo strut for 'Mun'. Andre Laos straightens things out a little on his remix, then goes for the jugular with a series of trilling synth lines. On the flip Klint dons his space suit for the bluesy sleaze of "Strupe" a next gen cosmic bomb for all the renegades out there.


A1. Mun (5:54)
A2. Mun (André Laos Remix) (6:07)
B1. Strupe (6:44)

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