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Sundance presents three tracks from Fumiya Tanaka and Kuniyuki - Japanese purveyors of a very unique style of deep house music.

"A Round About Route" is glitchy and flat lined, tech-house before it became such a dirty word (maybe it never became a dirty word in Japan...? - ed). Meeting somewhere between Acid Mondays, Plus 8 / Perlon and Baby Ford, its well constructed and infectious, simmering away nicely in that post-peak state that's perfect for getting jiggy at the various all-nite-all-day establishments down the river Spree (Berlin) or for soundtracking the morning session at Vortex (Tisno). Next track, "Long Journey Away" recalls the micro-sample brilliance of Akufen and vintage Matthew Herbert and again, wears its tech-house badge with pride as it shimmers and sways through a lysergic and hallucinatory sound palette. "Shaker" concludes this very ketty affair with a wormhole tumbling heroic dose of psychoactive & highly tranquilized house music. A big one for the old skool DC-10 massive, anyone who enjoys marathon 72-hour Berlin weekends or the majority of Leeds' under-30 populous. Wicked!


A. A Round About Route
B1. Long Journey Away
B2. Shaker

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