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Emotional Music

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Palto Flats / Zero Glow

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R. Girardin – "Emotional Music" is a collaborative release from Palto Flats and Zero Grow, a contemporary rendering of synthetic midi-fusion and DAW experimentalism. Drawing links between Rashad Becker’s textured compositional approach and the multicultural electro-fetishism of Benjamin Lew, "Emotional Music" uses known palettes in non-traditional methods.
In "Emotional Music" we are treated to Girardin’s tooling of the synthesizer as a spiritual instrument, one where the typical motifs of musicality and style degrade in favor of poetic modulation matrices and breath controlled hopefuls. Synthesizers occupy a special place in sonic energy, dependent on electricity for physical sound creation, void of voice without human intellect and touch. "Emotional Music" is a synthesis of both the human and synthesizer’s expressive logics; one of internal architectures capable only through external inlets and outlets.

R. Girardin is a Hollywood location scout living in Los Angeles. Recent work includes contributions to the score of Invernomuto’s film "Vers L'Europa Deserta, Terra Incognita", and lectures on the aesthetics of decentered spatiality in Southern California at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland and UC Irvine. Girardin has previously released music on Italian label Hundebiss.

The artwork features a cover photo by Girardin and blind drawings by artist Roee Rosen. 


Side 1
1. "Atrium Air"
2. "Behind Shine"
3. "Grown Man"
4. "Cry"
5. "Third Hut"
6. "Nth"
7. "Royal"
8. "Splashed On"
9. "Sunk"
10. "Wave Rash"

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